Pelican's USE_FOLDER_AS_CATEGORY setting and behaviour

Pelican's USE_FOLDER_AS_CATEGORY setting is set to True by default. If you place an article within a subfolder of the content folder, and don't specify a category in your article metadata, then the name of the subfolder will be the category of your article. However, the documentation does not specify Pelican's behavior under all possible situations. E.g. What happens if an article is within a subfolder, and its category is specified but different the name of the subfolder?

We summarize Pelican's behavior under all possible circumstances here.

USE_FOLDER_AS_CATEGORY Category c specified in metadata Article in subfolder d Article's Category
True True True c
True True False c
True False True d
True False False DEFAULT_CATEGORY (Misc)
False True True c
False True False c
False False True DEFAULT_CATEGORY (Misc)
False False False DEFAULT_CATEGORY (Misc)


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