Workflow for keeping Nikola config file updated

For most, keeping Nikola up-to-date is usually a simple matter of running something like:

$ pip install --upgrade nikola

The same goes for its dependencies. However, one important thing that can get overlooked is the Nikola configuration file for your site (the file sitting at the root of your Nikola site directory), which is almost always updated with each major Nikola release.

There is no sound way to keep this updated automatically, since what you're trying to do is essentially a "rebase" your version of onto the version that is generated for new Nikola sites with the latest version of Nikola.

The way I address this is:

  1. Update Nikola to the latest version (command above)

  2. Initialize a new Nikola site:

    $ mkdir temp_site
    $ nikola init
  3. Merge updates from the newly generated with your favourite merge tool. I usually use meld

    $ meld temp_site/ real_site/
  4. Remove new temporary Nikola site

    $ rm -r temp_site

And that's pretty much all there is to it.


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